Mansfield Farmers Market

2017 Mansfield Market Rules & Regulations
The Mansfield Farmers Market is open April through October, every Saturday, 8am -1pm.
(We reserve the right to close as early as 12 noon during the month of August, if outside temperatures are deemed excessive)

Our NEW location is 703 E Broad St., at the corner of East Broad and Walnut Creek. This is the parking lot that houses Eterna Health Food and Utopia Fitness.

The weekly 2017 fees are:
$15 for a standard 10'x10' space with electricity      $20 for a 10'x20' space with electricity               
$35 for a 10'x10 BPV space                    Entertainment booths are free

A vendor application must be received, reviewed and approved before any vendor will be allowed to sell at the Mansfield Farmers Market. A $10 application fee is assessed on all new applications.

Regular vendors are asked to commit to the entire season.  

Vendors must reapply to the market annually, regardless of any prior years' approval status.

Vendors are expected to sell only products of their making. A minimum of 75% producer-created content is required and 90% of your table goods must meet this minimum. 

*Vendors may only sell the items listed on their application. Changes to product offerings (outside of a vendor's established 'type') must be reviewed by management. Example: a jewelry vendor may offer bracelets without review, but cannot sell cupcakes without approval.

Vendors must have a sign denoting their business name in a prominent location within their booth.

All vendors must check in with the Manager on their 1st market day to receive their space assignment.
*The Manager will receive your fee, each week, in cash only.

Vendors are expected to be setup and ready to sell by 7:45am, each Saturday.  Vendors may arrive as early as 6:30am.
Market closes at 1pm. We ask that vendors not break down until this time.

 *A ‘roll call’ email goes out every week to all vendors – Please be sure to follow the directives in this email. Multiple absences during the season may result in loss of space and vendor may be required to reapply. Any vendor who has 2 “no shows” during the season will automatically be moved to Stand By status.

‘Stand By’ status means that a vendor will forfeit their space and will be contacted if the market has an opening on a particular week.

Vehicle parking is not allowed in the market area unless pre-approved by the Manager.

Vendors are responsible for supplying their own tents, tables and chairs.

Vendors must have a tent in good condition that is properly weighted. In no instance may a tent be anchored to another vendor's tent. When setting up, please leave some room (about a foot) between your tent and your neighbors’ tents.

Electrical outlets are provided for your extension cord. If you require more than one outlet, please bring a power strip with multiple outlets. *The cost for electrical service is an additional $5 per week.

 All trash from your space must be deposited into provided trash receptacles by the close of market day. Failure to clean your area may result in a 'clean up fee'. 

All food vendors must follow State of Texas and Tarrant County safety and sampling rules.
Vendors are expected to know and follow the State of Texas and any Federal guidelines/regulations for their industry.

Vendors must collect and remit sales tax, if applicable. *Your sales tax ID# must be on file with the market.

No vendor is allowed to "walk the market" with samples, coupons or literature. Advertising and sales may only be conducted within your assigned space.

If you bring children with you, please keep them in sight and do not allow them interfere with other vendors’ ability to conduct business.

Produce resellers must list "place of origin" on all items.
No vendor shall advertise food, produce or products as "organic" unless they provide the manager with a USDA Organic certificate for their finished goods or food items.

Sharing of booths is not allowed.

Vendors are strongly encouraged to purchase liability insurance for their business.

The Farmers’ Market Committee will select products to complement the market. We will work to minimize competition between market vendors, and make every effort to choose a Mansfield vendor over an out-of-town vendor with the same product(s). Each vendor is assigned a vending spot by the market manager. This spot is not transferable and vendors must not exceed their allotted space or relocate without prior permission. When necessary for the market’s needs, vendors may be moved temporarily. This can happen due to another vendor not being in attendance.

The Mansfield Farmers Market in no way guarantees the success of any vendor.

The Mansfield Texas Farmers Market (hereafter MTFM) management reserves the right to restrict or terminate any vendor's activity or remove any product, which, at its sole discretion, is considered objectionable or inappropriate or is detrimental to the quality of the market as a whole. In the event of any restrictions or evictions, the MTFM and any affiliates will not be liable for any refund of rental or other expenses.

The MTFM management reserves the right to remove, without refund or recourse, any vendor who misrepresents themselves or their product. In addition, the management reserves the right not to select vendors who may not be suitable for the market.

**The MTFM reserves the right to amend or add to the applicable rules pertaining to and governing the Mansfield Texas Farmers Market at any time before and during the current season. All participating vendors at the MTFM will be made aware of all additions or amendments. The interpretation of all the rules by the management shall be final.

By accepting and paying for a vendor space at the Mansfield Farmers Market, you agree to adhere to these rules and guidelines. Violating these rules may be cause for eviction from the market.